Things to consider

  • Finish the converters for the VARIANTs.
  • Finish R_connect. Looks unfinished.
  • Allow UUIDs to be used in COMCreate().
    May work now but need to put the { } around the character version.
  • sheet$Range("A13:E15")[["Value"]] = foo does'nt work
    Reason is that sheet$Range("A13:E15")[["Value"]] gets evaluated first and then the assignment occurs.
  • Add finalizer to create2DArray
    See examples/range.S
  • x[["property"]] = foo can throw an execption about invalid number of parameters which comes from COM when the property is read-only.
    Nice to report this.
  • Exception objects.
  • Fixed

  • Add interface to CoFreeUnusedLibrary();
    See page 128 of the O'Reilly DCOM book.
  • Problems with C++-like symbols when linking Rdll.lib
  • Type library (as a COM object ?) that we can query interactively.
    Done. See SWiNTypeLibs.