You do not need this pacakge to install a package that uses the bindings. When creating a package that uses Gtk-based bindings, you need only create the bindings from the .defs files once (or whenever the .defs files change) and add the resulting C and S code to your package. Thus it is only important that the author of the S package can install this RGtkBindingGenerator package. As a reuslt, we have not tested this on Windows. We recommend that you generate the binding code on a Unix box where there are less likely to be surprises and most of the software will be available by default. Then add the resulting code generate by the package from your .defs files to your S package. To use this package, you need the following pieces of software (in addition to this package and R).
generate module from pygtk
You can install this by following these steps.
The RSPython package that allows S to call Python code (and vice-verse).
Assuming you have python (version >= 1.5, or any of the 2.* Python distributions) installed,
should install the package having un-tarred the downloaded source code.

Duncan Temple Lang <>
Last modified: Mon Sep 30 08:44:15 EDT 2002