Version 0.2-5

  • Several patches from Nicola Soranzo to update the code.
    Change mxErrMsgTxt() to mexErrMsgTxt().
  • Version 0.2-4

  • mkChar() rather thank mkString() in return from loadRMatlab().
  • parentheses for the "nrhs - (haveNames ? 2 : 1)" Identified by Nicola Soranzo. Thanks.
  • Version 0.2-3

  • Fix for the return value of the initialization of the Matlab engine.
  • Version 0.2-2

  • Fix of a bug in converting R named lists to Matlab structs where the names in the R list contain one or more '.' characters.
    Identified by Bitao Liu and Ping-Shi Wu.
  • Initial configuration efforts to handle the lack of the matlab compiler, i.e. t he "mclmcr.h" header file
  • Version 0.2-1

  • Move the mex files to inst/mex so they are installed in the mex/ directory in the top-level directory of the R package.
    Update the and files accordingly.
  • Compute configuration information for avoiding the .map files in the MEX compilation.
    This is needed when using MEX to compile the .so for R.
  • Version 0.2-0

  • Added the shell scripts to set the relevant environmen variables.
    RMatlab.csh and in the installed package's scripts/ directory.
  • Mex facilities for getting and setting Graphics Handle properties.
  • MEX and Engine interfaces automatically detected and methods selected on the type of interface.
  • Operator overloading for $, [, [[, [<- when used with the engines.
  • Conversion of R lists.
  • callNamedR to allow named arguments in calls to R functions.
  • Error Handling
  • Checks in callR and callNamedR for function name being a string.
    Even number of elements in named arguments cell for callNamedR.

  • Duncan Temple Lang <>
    Last modified: Tue May 24 16:42:15 PDT 2005