Version 0.3-1

parseEval() in R available.
Callbacks from R to XLisp work.

Version 0.3-0

Embedding R inside XLisp
Call R functions from XLisp session. Allows simple and named argument calls.
The xldmem.h patch has an update that facilitates conversion from XLisp characters to R "strings".

Version 0.2-0

  • $ and [[ are overloaded for XLispReference objects in R to invoke methods and access slots respectively.
    Need to identify the location of the XLispStat installation so that we can find the xlisp.wks file for correct initialization.
    This is done in the configuration file by looking at the value of the environment variable
    Initialization now specifies the xlisp.wks file
    On Unix, XLisp event loop integrated with R.
    Plots are dynamic and interactive..
    Conversion of R lists to XLisp CONS objects.
  • Version 0.1

    Initial interface.

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