• When I try to apply a stylesheet - either in R or using Sxsltproc -, I get an error message
      xmlXPathCompOpEval: function init not found
      XPath error : Unregistered function      
    and I get not content except the <xml...> declaration. What's the problem?
    I use xmlTree in the XML package to create an internal DOM and then I try to apply a stylesheet to it (using xsltApplyStyleSheet.XMLInternalDocument When I do this, I get an error message of the form
    Error in saveXML.XMLInternalXSLTDocument(dd) : 
    	no content in the document
    or R seg-fault's. What's the problem?
    This has been seen by having the XML package be compiled with one version of libxml (e.g. libxml-1.*) and the XSLT package compiled against a different version (e.g. libxml2.*). Ensure that they are compiled and linked against the same libxml version.
    This is only important if one wants to use xmlTree(). Other aspects work fine.

  • Duncan Temple Lang <duncan@wald.ucdavis.edu>
    Last modified: Sun Jun 4 07:02:24 PDT 2006