The RDCOMEvents Package (version 0.3-1)

Windows Binary

This package provides a mechanism for connecting one or more R functions to a DCOM event source, such as Excel, Word, and many more applications. This allows R users to programmatically respond to activities and specified events in other applications using pure R code. Examples include:

This package can be used along with the RDCOMClient package which provides user-level access from S to other COM servers. The ability to export S objects as COM values is important for general bi-directional connectivity with other COM clients.

Additionally, the RDCOMServer package provides facilities for defining COM classes implemented with R functions. And the supporting packages SWinRegistry and SWinTypeLibs provide the infrastructure for connecting R to the entire COM mechanism.

The facilities provided in this suite of packages are more general than those provided via the RCOM package by Thomas Baier. The model is more general and allows a more complete set of computations on different data types and also hides the R language from the client software connecting to it. The generality may make the interface appear more complicated and slightly more indirect. We believe that it is necessary and relatively simple for developing non-trivial applications involving DCOM components and R.


You can get binaries for these and install them simply by unzipping them from within in the $R_HOME/library directory.


This package was split out of the RDCOMServer package. Some of the documentation remains there for the moment.
  • Handling COM Events in R
    A description of how to use S functions to implement COM event handlers, e.g. for Active X, Excel, etc.
  • FAQ
    Frequently asked questions.
  • Examples

    There are some examples in the examples/.
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