The RGoogleDocs package

Last Release: 0.7-0 (19 Oct 2012)

This package is an example of using the RCurl and XML packages to quickly develop an interface to the Google Documents API. It was written to test RCurl and also to illustrate how to use these tools with modern Web applications. Google Documents is a REST "application" and so this is an example of using R to interface to that.

The package allows you to get a list of the documents and details about each of them, download the contents of a document, remove a document, and upload a document, even binary files.

There is some documentation for the package at this point in the form of a "user's guide" (or in PDF form). These are included with the package.

If you want to upload binary files, you will want to install a beta version of the RCurl package, or a more recent release.

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