The RMatlab Package


This is the early release of a bi-directional interface between the R and Matlab languages. fe The idea is that Matlab users can call R functions as if they are regular Matlab functions without learning the R language, and similarly R users can access Matlab functionality from with the familiar R environment and syntax.

This is work with Bitao Liu at Davis.


R package source RMatlab_0.2-5.tar.gz. This currently only runs on Unix. We are hoping that people that use Matlab on either Windows or Mac OSX will help to develop the configuration details for those systems.


  • User's Guide
    This is an early draft describing the functionality of the package.
    Gives some details on installing and running the package from within Matlab and within R.
  • FAQ
    Answers to questions about common problems.
  • Matlab C-level documentation
  • Change log
    Information about what has changed for each release of the package.
  • To Do list for the package
    Features that have not yet been added.
  • Bugs
    Some issues we have found and not yet resolved.

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