Version 0.93-2

Added unistd.h as an include in untgz.h for the Mac as it was needed on some/at least one OS X configurations. Thanks to Stephen Eglen.

Version 0.93-1

configure script was not built.

Version 0.93-0

  • Changed the license to zlib as some of the code was under that license.
    Thanks to Pierre-Yves Chibon for bringing this to my attention as he made this R package it into a package for Fedora.
  • Version 0.92-0

  • Replacing elements in an RdzArchive file updates the .toc.
  • Replacing elements in an archive now feasible.
  • Support for comments on entries in a zip file, both reading them and writing them during the call to zip(). Including a global comment on the file. (getZipComment() for the global comment and getZipInfo().)
  • zipArchive("name")[ ] returns a list of giving the contents of all the elements of the archive and works faster by reading the sequentially and continuing from the last point read (as opposed to read each one separately and having to traverse the archive each time).
  • RdzArchive$name = value appends value to the RdzArchive.
  • Appending to an archive done via in-memory operations rather than call to external zip executable and unzipping and copying files to temporary directory.
  • Time stamp in zip files created in R with in-memory objects as entries use the current time - Sys.time().
  • Version 0.91-0

  • Added a zave() function (concatenation of zip and save) to serialize a collection of R objects to a zip archive. These are the accessible individually, rather than having to restore all the variables in the archive. Also, one can inquire about the variables in the file using names(rdz) and even determine the class of the objects via a table of contents.
  • Added RdzArchive class to represent an R object serialized object. This provides methods for un/de-serializing objects in the archive.
  • zip() can handle in-memory content, i.e. raw and AsIs character vectors, along with file names (all in the same call).
  • Fixed getZipFileEntry to handle mode = "raw" or mode = "binary".
  • Fixed the [[ method for ZipArchive to return raw vectors correctly
  • Version 0.9-0

  • Added a zip() function to create a zip() file in memory.
    It handles appending files, but one can end up with duplicates and we cannot remove or replace files in the current implementation.
  • Version 0.7-0

  • Added resizeBy parameter to uncompress() which controls how the buffer size is enlarged when more memory is needed for the uncompressed data.
  • Check for user interrupts and events in uncompress().
  • Version 0.6-0

  • Added ability to work with Zip archives directly in memory.
    This allows one to download a Zip file via getURLContent() in the RCurl package and then work with that without writing the contents to disk. It also allows one to take a snapshot of the contents of a Zip file and work with that without fear of it being modified by other applications, etc.
  • Version 0.5-0

  • Facilities for extracting elements of a ZIP archive, even with a password. zipArchive() and methods for accessing elements of a ZIP archive as if it were a list.
  • Truncated file names in getZipInfo() now corrected. filename.size parameter added.
  • Version 0.4-0

  • Support for reading from a RAW vector rather than a file in tarInfo() and tarExtract().
  • Documentation for and minor changes to collectContents().
  • Handle includes on the Mac where direct.h and io.h are not available or needed.
  • Version 0.3-1

    compress() now sets the length of the resulting vector correctly, rather than leaves the trailing elements of the working vector as '0'. So the length of the result is the number of bytes of the compressed data. This can be used to measure the compression ratio, e.g. length(compress(txt))/nchar(txt).

    Version 0.3-0

  • Connected the code for dealing with gzipped tar files (.tar.gz/.tgz). The functions to use are tarInfo() and tarExtract().
  • Version 0.2-1

  • Removed dependency on RGCCTranslationUnit package. We include the relevant code in this package.
  • Version 0.2-0

  • Support for getting "table of contents" information from a zip file.

  • Duncan Temple Lang <>
    Last modified: Wed Apr 6 14:51:17 PDT 2011