Module Changes

  • Fixed up the ClassPathViewer to use trees (i.e. JTree) for the elements within a directory/jar file.
    To see this,
     new ClassPathViewerFrame(this)
  • Added the resolve() method to ExpressionInt for rewriting the terms to be more efficient by looking up classes, etc.
    Need to implement this in all the different expression types.
  • Added a GUI for interrupting the current Omegahat task. See ObjectDatabase.
    Works for Java methods as well as Omegahat expressions, but cannot cause a termination of a native method until it returns control the JVM.
    This will be integrated into a command palette to control many other things.
  • Bug #16
    Changed the top-level GNUmakefile to compute the CVSROOT variable used in checkout and update from the original source (specified in CVS/Root) or else to use the user's current (environment) setting.
  • Bug #35
    Fixed the return command in loops within functions.
  • Bug #37
    Fixed the explicit retrieval of a Function object which caused it to be evaluated rather than simply returned.
  • Bug #39
    Removed the escape character in the escaping of quotes within strings.
  • Bug #34
    Fixed the serialization (specifically, the deserialization) of functions caused by the transient table field in the ObjectDatabase.
  • Profiling code that provides fine-grain resolution for recording excution characteristics of different Java methods.
    Based on JVMPI for the JVM.

  • Duncan Temple Lang <>
    Last modified: Tue Mar 21 13:23:47 EST 2000