The SWinRegistry package (version 0.3-3)

This package provides access to the Windows registry from within R. It allows one to query and set values within the registry by navigating the registry via its hierarchical paths. One can also create and delete keys. These facilities can be used when installing packages, etc. to populate the registry without requiring C code in those packages. More importantly, it allows us to author R code that can find out about user settings, characteristics of installed software (e.g. versions, installation directories) and to use those directly rather than requiring the user to specify them (again). One of the motivations for developing this was to allow lookup of Class IDs for COM to be used with the RDCOMClient package.


We provide both a source version and a binary version of the package.

See README.html and INSTALL.html for instructions on installing and using the package.

A brief history of the recent changes to the package are available in the Changes.html file.


There are some early attempts to document the package. More to come!
  • Brief Introduction
  • Todo list
    List of (some of the) things yet to be done related to this packge!

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