The SWinTypeLibs package (version 0.5-1)

This package provides access to the Windows type libraries from within S. It allows the S user to read the contents of a DLL, Type Library or (D)COM object, and represent the resulting information as S objects. This includes information such as classes and interfaces, enumerations, methods and their argument and return types, etc. Essentially, this offers a form of reflectance. This meta-information from the type library can be used to programmatically generate interfaces to the code described by the type library.

Type libraries can be found on the Windows system either directly or using the Windows registry which can be accessed from S using the SWinRegistry


We provide both a source version and a binary version of the package.

See README.html and INSTALL.html for instructions on installing and using the package.

A brief history of the recent changes to the package are available in the Changes.html file.


There are some early attempts to document the package. More to come!
  • Brief Overview
  • Todo list
    List of (some of the) things yet to be done related to this packge!
  • Examples

  • Duncan Temple Lang <>
    Last modified: 2008/05/12