Aspell package for R

Source (0.2-0)

This R package provides an interface to the aspell library for checking the spelling of words and documents. The library is part of the GNU software and provides a flexible framework for spelling with customized dictionaries, filters, and so on.
Documentation on aspell can be found at The source code, binaries and dictionaries for aspell are also available from there.

This package provides access to these library facilities from within R. One can check the spelling of words, obtain suggetsions for corrections, check an entire document sequentially customize the speller, maintain different spellers for different purposes, and add new words and provide corrections for the speller to use in the future.

The Code

To use this package, one needs to have the aspell library installed. Also, one needs to have one or more suitable dictionaries. The R package is available as source as Aspell. This can be installed as
 R CMD INSTALL Aspell_0.1-0.tar.gz
or directly from within R as
install.packages("Aspell", repos = "")

There is currently no binary version for Windows. Send mail to me if you would like one.

Other Information

  • User's guide
  • INSTALL notes.
  • FAQ.
  • Change log for the package.

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