The ROctave package

This package provides an interface between the two numerical computation environments R and Octave. It currently allows the R interpreter to be embedded in Octave as a dynamically loadable package and for Octave users to invoke R functions via the ROctave_callR function. Similarly, R code can invoke Octave functions. At present, this just provides the basic conversion of data types between the two systems. In the future, if there is interest from users, we can enrich the interface to use references, user-level converters, etc. and provide a bi-directional interface so that it resembles the other Omegahat inter-system interfaces (e.g. SJava, RSPython, RSPerl, ...) and allows Octave to be called from an R session. (This involves modifications to Octave to allow it be used as a shared library.)

The hope is to avoid duplicating work in both systems and also to allow users take advatntage of the strengths of the different systems. As with the other inter-system interfaces, we hope to allow users program in their preferred system while accessing functionality in others.

Be warned that this is a very raw package. I am not very familiar with Octave and how one distributes modules for it. Also, this is a work in progress, so is not complete. Any and all comments are appreciated to try to make this more useful and better integrate the S and Octave communities is very welcome.


Please follow the installation instructions. If the code does not compile, consult the FAQ and if that doesn't help, send mail to the omega-devel list.


Some examples and directions as to how to use the package.

Duncan Temple Lang <>
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